Touch One Handheld Intelligent Inkjet Printer

*Quick dry environmental ink cartridge. Abundant color and clear view. Plug-and-play, easy to operate.
*The ink adopts imported raw materials, having stability and printing effect.
*Apply to various industries marking, bar code, and variable data information printing.
*Pure color, difficult to spread and fade



Product description

Shape features: Aluminum shell and color touch Screen Dimension: 143*74*190 mm Net weight: 0.850kg Printing direction: adjusted within 360 degree Character type: high-definition printing character, dot matrix font, Simplified, Traditional Chinese and English Printing pictures: all kinds of logo, pictures can be uploaded through USB disk Printing accuracy: 300 DPI Printing line: 1-8 lines (adjustable) Printing height: 1.2 – 12.7 mm Print code: bar code, QR Code Printing distance:1-10mm Mechanical Adjustment Print serial number:1~9 Printing speed: 60m/min Ink type : quick-dry environmental ink, water-based ink and oily Ink color: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, invisible Ink volume: 42ml(usually can print 800,000 characters) External interface: USB, DB9, DB15, Photoelectric interface, can directly insert a USB disk to upload information Voltage: DC14.8 lithium battery, print continuously more than 10 hours and 20 hours standby Control panel: touch-screen (can connect wireless mouse, can also edit information through the computer) Power consumption: lower than 5W Printing material: board, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic product, electronic, the fiber board, light steel keel, aluminum foil, etc.

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