320V Electric Paper Cutting Machine


.Power: Electricity
.Model Number: 320V Paper Cutter
.Type: electric
.Cutting Size: 320x320mm
.Cutting thickness: 40mm
.paper press: automatic
.paper push: manual
.paper cutting: electric
.packing: wooden box



Automatic paper-pressing structure, easy and quick to operate;
Optimized heavy-duty rack design, precision machining, stable performance, ruggedness
The use of new high-integration and high-stability components, the original electronic tool position indicator line, to ensure reliable operation of equipment;
Touch button panel, two-hand interlocking device, automatic reset function to ensure absolute safety;
High-grade steel blades sharp and endurance;
Unique fault self-testing features let your operation more convenient;

Technical Parameters:

  • Product Type: Electric Paper Cutter
  • Cutting thickness: 40 mm
  • Cutting width: 320 mm
  • Cutting accuracy: ±0.4mm
  • Paper pressing method: electric
  • Paper cutting method: electric
  • Push paper method: manual
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Dimensions: 570*500*290mm



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