Ribbon 110 mm x 60 m thermal transfer ribbon for Label barcode printing


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Please Choose TTR wisely,  difference materials for difference labels

* wax ribbon use for art paper label, bond paper label

* resin wax use for art label, PP label and some Matt PET label

* Resin ribbon use for glossy PET, Vinyl label roll printing

* if you need other colors besides black/red/blue color, please contact us to order the minimum. Thanks

The perfect high quality resolution images on a wide variety of label stocks and has good resistance to smudging and scratching. The ultra smooth back-coating provides unparalleled print-head protection, while the superior ink coating delivers the darkest, most durable images.

It was developed to provide a sensible solution for excellent print quality, graphics and barcodes combined with substantial savings in each roll.

It has lower printing energy, better sharpness and good definition ; higher abrasion resistance. 

Materials: Copper adhesive paper, polyethylene, etc.

Printer:  Zebra, SATO, ARGOX, TSC, Citizen, datamax, Intermec, etc.


Wax/Resin Wax/Resin
Total Thickness 7.5±0.5um
Penetration Density At least 1.2 macbeth densitometer
Print Speed Max. 8 inch/Sec
Print Energy At least 12mj/sq.m
print Density At least 1.9 macbeth densitometer
Grade Ansi above 3.5/A
Recommended Media Substrates Coated paper/thermal transfer paper
Scratch Resistance Image density above 80%(coated paper)
Light resistance Image density above 70%( coated paper)
Using environment 5-35/20-80%RH
Storage environment 0-40/20-80%RH


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